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Who is Valerie Jill?

Good morning beautiful people ! I am extremely happy on this fine Tuesday because I have finally begun my blog!

Valerie Jill is an online platform for fitness enthusiast to connect and inspire one another. Valerie jill is not only for physical health, it highlights the important connection between physical and mental health. I will be offering meal prep inspiration with recipes, work out videos with muscle anatomy information, and of course blog entries! My blog entries will be more on the fun side revealing my personality while also giving updates, tips , and just things I feel I muuust tell you.

I did not create this brand for profit, I made this simply because I want to help others live a healthy and positive life. I do not advertise weight loss or quick fixes, my goal is to inspire lifestyle changes. I want a team of motivated people eager to learn and ready to make a change for their physical and mental health.

I am so excited to be here with you guys and so excited to see where this goes. please make sure to connect with me on all platforms!





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